Our Business Offer

From the moment we hear out our clients’ demands, we get down to analyzing their business requests to the smallest detail. We believe that it is of crucial importance to fully understand each and every bit of all requirements to be able to consider all aspects of development, alongside potential integrations with third-party systems. 

We always pay special attention to the terminology used in clients’ business processes, which allows us to turn every business requirement into a proper technical solution. We look at every business functionality as a set of modules that can be scaled and updated separately as needed to enable high availability and performance.

When it comes to project management methodologies and tools, we recommend that our clients opt for those that have proved to be the most effective in software development, such as Agile and Jira.

We carefully choose technologies for the optimal implementation of the requested solution. Some technologies are too complex and as such can lead to additional problems and costs. Thus, it is essential to find the perfect fit for each solution. Another crucial point is to set project development directions with potential future upgrades and changes in mind.

The entire system setup depends on the creation of development environments (development and testing servers) and setting up all systems necessary for the development (code repository and continuous integration servers). Proper setup of such a system then makes it easier to take further steps in the development process, which, in turn, makes the investment at this point rather profitable.

To make the development process more transparent for the client, we split it into smaller segments (sprints), organize daily and weekly meetings, and prepare detailed reports for each segment. We test the solutions at every stage of the process and create elaborate testing documentation.

When it comes to deployment, it is necessary to set up a system that will enable new versions to be released smoothly and without impact on existing functionalities. Continuous system upgrades play a significant role in maintaining high security levels.

Finally, modern alerting systems allow us to keep track of application functioning and integration with third-party systems in real time. That way, not only can we spot a problem as soon as it arises, but we can also predict potential problems even before they come up. 

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